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Are you a globle capitals player? Do you love this daily puzzle to psyche up your day?

Well, this is one of the daily puzzle games to brighten your day while on the other hand giving you hands-on knowledge of capital cities of different countries all over the globe.

To ensure you remain updated on the daily answers, we, Globle Answer, make every effort to ensure that you get all answers updated daily. If you find the answer not yet updated, kindly bear with us as we update soon.

You can also share your insights on any information or answer not properly updated. Thank you as we walk this journey together.

What is Globle Capitals Game?

Globle Capitals game is a game developed out of the globle game. Unlike the Globle Game whose emphasis is on finding mystery countries each day, globle capitals game focuses on mystery capital cities.

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This makes it a more challenging game as most people are conversant with most countries across the globe though not well conversed with their respective capital cities.

If you need to know each of the countries’ capital cities without struggle, this is the game to play.

Each day, you will try finding a mystery capital city and this is where the rubber meets the road.

Today’s Globle Capitals Answer

Today’s Globle Capital’s answer (22nd February 2024) is a city known as Monrovia. This is the capital city of the country known as Liberia.

Yesterday’s Globle Capital Answer (21st February 2024) was Lisbon for the country known as Portugal.

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