Globle Answer May 22nd, 2022

The globle answer for May 22 hints and answers are summarized as below. Follow keenly to have you answer.

  • Hint 1: The country name starts with S
  • Hint 2: It contains the word name in the country name
  • Hint 3: It is the smallest country in South America
  • Hint 4: Its last letter is E
  • Hint 5: Image Hint

From Google Maps, you can easily zoom in and out the mystery country. Just Click Here

Yesterday’s globle answer for May 22 was Suriname. If you need to see today’s globle answer, then Click Here

Thank you!

Previous All Globle Answers

DATEMystery Country
May 21, 2022Cobo Verde
May 20, 2022Vatican
May 19, 2022Madagascar
May 18, 2022Gambia
May 17, 2022Croatia
May 16, 2022Taiwan
May 15, 2022Seychelles

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